I have been contributing  to numerous philanthropic pursuits since my late teens ,at first as volunteer  for the Red Cross  mission in Ukraine. My current involvements range across areas of culture, the women and children protection, humanitarian aid and human rights . Some of the charitable initiatives to which I gave my heart to are listed here:  

•    “La Strada”( International Women’s Right Centre)

•  ”Women's International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and •  Empowered Women" • “4MyPlanet”Project (Round the globe challenge to share information on the   worsening condition of the global environment and to preserve world oceans) •    ”Mama SOS”( helps Ukrainian mothers  and children afflicted with life threatening •    illnesses or living in poverty, to have a better quality of life)

•    ”League of Ukrainian Mecentas”(human rights protection)

•    “International Family Congress“ •  “Innocence in Danger” Foundation (children protection against pedophilia) 

Princess Karina Bagration

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