I am a life-long learner and love to discover new things every day.I began tostudy  at UNESCO School in Kiev and  Angwin High School,(California, USA), was educated privately (Paris, France). Currently I hold major academic degrees of BA, MBA in (Translation/Interpreting/World Literature/Pedagogies) and PhD (Folkloristics). To discover more about the French language and culture I attended Nice Summer University(France). Later, graduated twice from a school organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and became qualified in Translation/Guide-Interpreting/Protocol/Etiquette as an honor graduate.  As a child I had dreamt of Scotland and Ireland ever since I read old Celtic legends at primary school. So, no wonder, my PhD was the first research done in Ukraine on the basis of History and  Folklore used by W.Scott and R.Burns and their interrelation with Ukrainian historical and cultural heritage.Numerous scientific articles were published and I still participate actively in various scientific events and projects both in my native country and abroad.After the completion of my university degree, I began to work at National Taras Shevtchenko University of Ukraine.I am the author of 2 books. Since i am a  former sportswoman, I  also wrote  a book called  Olympic Games  which was later transformed into a project  Teachers Againist Violence . It aims  to ingrain universal Olympic values while teaching foreign languages and cultures. Currently I am much interested in business administration and jurisprudence, especially intellectual rights property. I am a native Russian and Ukrainian speaker, fluent in both English and French and also understand several other European languages.  I am  also a  private networker and PR consultant for high net worth individuals, internationally. I travel extensively in Europe and, in particular to my Father’s homeland in France.

Princess Karina Bagration

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